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Art Inspiration: Amazing Book Designers & Typographists

I have come to envy the skill of talented book cover designers. I truly do. I love walking into bookshops just to see how the books are presented to the world. Do the covers abide by the rule of thirds? Where is the emphasis? What Principles of Design do the exploit? How do they reach out to you? Book cover design is very specific. One must be concise, bold, yet representative, and extremely creative on both obvious and subtle levels, and of course, well versed in photo-editing and digital illustration, and able to work with financial confines and tastes of one's publisher. 

The New York Times has a presentation showing the changes of some major book covers in 2014 ("Before and After"). Even the draft versions demonstrate skill and superb artistic expression.

I was recently in awe of the watching Jessica Hische flex her intricate paper cutting typography skills in a video which shows her recreation of Beck's Song Reader cover design. Pure Magic. 

One designer in particular, Chip Kid (creator of the Jurassic Park Cover) gives a thoughtful talk on TED about his journey and many considerations while creating book covers....well worth the watch!

I also wanted to share some of the book cover designs which I used for inspiration. Many of the selected feature hand-drawn illustrations, which seem rare. I was looking at covers which express a simple colour scheme, possess a strong emphasis on line and ones which communicate the effect of movement, and also covers which kept within  a black, white and/or blue colour scheme: