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Photos: Lions in Greece


Travels in Old Venetian Republic: Ionian Islands, Greece

Corfu, Greece © Sarah Pierroz, 2014

Paxos. An island terraformed with endless terraces of olive trees. Its shores full of round, smooth stones, which wait at the end of long, windy roads, through steep slopes descending into the sea. Old olive transport routes. With stone slabs, powered by the turn of windmills, stand ready to squeeze out and ship its harvest back to the lagoon, for sole purpose of lighting the lamps in the city. Paxos alone had over 250, 000 olive trees planted by Venetians. It stands as a lush, fertile land, while the nearby face of Albania has been aggressively deforested, its woods ripped from the roots, at a rate too quickly to recover. 

Paxos, Greece © Sarah Pierroz, 2014

Going between the Ionian Islands by boat, one can experience the pure beauty of sailing through these multi-tinted blue waters. One can also imagine the fears of encountering pirates lurking in its many caves and crevices. The importance of having fortified refuges along the old trade routes is more than evident. These islands are truly hidden gems to explore. 

Ionian Islands, Greece © Sarah Pierroz, 2014