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Zen Buddhism: Japanese Temple - Bodh Gaya, India


Zen Buddhism: Japanese Temple - Bodh Gaya, India

Peel away the song,

the colours

the senses


back to the breath,

the spine,

the careful hand position


get to the point

there is nothing to do at all. 



with eyes open,

observing, always

awake yet? 


this moment

broken by a thin stick


"remember the source"

sensei says.



some words from (a real poet) Gary Synder.....


How rare to be born a human being! 

Wash him off with cedar-bark and milkweed

    send the damned doctors home. 

Baby, baby, noble baby

Noble-hearted baby


One hand up, one hand down 

“I alone am the honored one”

Birth of the Buddha. 


And the whole world-system trembled. 

“If that baby really said that, 

I’d cut him up and throw him to the dogs!”

said Chao-chou the Zen Master. But

Chipmunks, gray squirrels, and Golden-mantled ground squrriels

    brought him each a nut. 

Truth being the sweetest of flavors. 


Girls would have in their arms 

A wild gazelle or wild wolf-cubs

And give them their white milk, 

Those who had new-born infants home

Brest still full. 

Wearing a spotted fawnskin 

    sleeping under trees

    bacchantes, drunk

On wine or truth, what you will, 

meaning : compassion

Agents: man and beast, beasts

Got the buddha-nature

All but