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Core Yoga Oslo: A Yoga teacher requested design inspired by the Boddhi leaf and its visual relation to the sacrum and spine. A rising sense of movement spirals upwards out from the base and circles back down to its firm, rooted foundation.  




AB Osteopathy: Was asked to create an image with a sense of movement, incorporating some vertebrate and the sacrum, and implying the sense of the koru fern, an exquisite plant native to New Zealand. We were very pleased with this outcome. 




Maryam Fashion: A new brand in Singapore, using colourful, organic, sustainable silks from Pakistan to create elegant and comfortable loungewear for women. The logo is based on the Arabic script for "Maryam". It incorporates the contour of the female form, enwrapped in luxious fabrics.  


Photography & Design - BLCKHRT Fashion Lookbook

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